Project 365-001 Alaa’s Idea :)

My first 365 project photo.

This project is an idea of documenting your every day with one single photo you want to remember from this day .. and this is the start .. Thanks to Alaa Shaker and I wish I can handle it 🙂
Date Taken: 1\12\2009 – 23:15


~ by ][B][E][B][O][ on December 2, 2009.

7 Responses to “Project 365-001 Alaa’s Idea :)”


  2. rabbena m3ak ya BEBO 😀

  3. 3ash! Keep the flow ba2a 😉

  4. Love the idea guys.. well done Bebo

  5. How Great! i really like it, and i do believe that you can keep the flow isAllaaah 🙂

    My regards ya Alaa 🙂

  6. well done both of you .. and keep it up please 🙂

  7. […] as usual, thats how projects 365 are […]

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